Individual and Team Coaching

Successful and forward looking businesses see coaching as the key to achieving their goals in maximising their people's potential and performance

  • Executive coaching for company owners and entrepreneurs
  • Individual coaching for middle and Top managers in corporations
  • Team coaching 

Changing organisations responding to the intense competition create greater demands on their executives to demonstrate a greater level of motivation, and seek new approaches to achieve an even greater performance.

An individual executive/owner manager requests coaching to support their vision and to overcome personal limitations in order to move forward and grow.

Individual coaching helps clients to find their own solutions to their challenges and problems. We help them to clarify their goals, find their inner strength, hidden within, helping them to reach their set goals, fulfilment and balance.

Made to measure personal service for each individual client.

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Individual coaching

The process

Duration 1 – 6 months

  • Client request coaching individually.
  • Company requests coaching for their employee

A Coach, works in partnership with you and:

  • Holds you accountable for your action plan
  • Helps you set better goals
  • Helps you to align your goals with your values and the organisational values
  • Supports you to find a way to achieve your goals
  • Helps you to find a better balance
  • Helps you to increase your confidence
  • Helps you to reach outside your comfort zone

We can help you to grow beyond your own and others’ expectations

  • a very personal service tailored to each individual client as a unique individual
  • executive coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs to find their own solutions
  • coaching and mentoring for middle and senior managers within a corporate world

Team coaching

Team of 6 -12 people 4 hours duration in the company premiss or away from the company 

Initial meeting 

  • Discussion about the topic and the goal with the team manager.
  • Agreement about the timing and place of meetings 

The process

  • Usually 4 hour meeting in agreed times and intervals – 2, 4, 6 months 
  • Ideally away from the work environment 
  • Usually facilitated by two team coaches

Usual topics of team coaching: 

  • Team cooperation
  • Building team trust 
  • Team communication
  • Team spirit
  • Different  company matters relevant to the whole team