2 days

Coaching in the workplace - development module

Development module as the follow up of the 78 hour or 90 hour course
for everyone wishing to deepen and develop their skills to apply in the day to day practice.


Intended participants

Coaching leaders and managers – graduates of coach training programmes of at least 60 hour duration, fulfilling ICF competencies criteria.


“From coaching techniques to coaching mindset”

Useful stimuli and further tools supporting the transfer from the “technical” coaching towards the coaching mindset and own style of coaching in the workplace.


Coaching managers and leaders do not have enough time for complete coaching conversations. However, there is no reason to abandon the coaching, but the opposite – an opportunity to soften the use of their capabilities to notice and recognise the coaching moments and further deepen their coaching skills.

If you are a coaching leader or a manager, this development module will strengthen your existing coaching competences and will help you develop your capabilities of microcoaching, or so called 5 minute coaching in the workplace.

You will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How to apply learnt coaching skills during the daily interactions at work, such as team meetings, appraisals, chance meetings in corridors, short discussions in the cantine, while drinking coffee, etc.
  • How to notice coaching moments during the day to day managerial interactions
  • How to authentically and constructively strengthen the resources of your working colleagues in a way that each task further develops their competency and responsibility
  • How and when, while coaching in the workplace, utilise constructive listening, art of overhearing, technique of normalising and other coaching “specialties”
  • How to build on own strengths, develop own coaching style and feel more and more comfortable while coaching

The process

2 days of 6 hours

Trainer / Coach

You will be guided through this development journey by long term mature professional coaches, pioneering coaching in Slovakia and the founding members of SAKO and ICF SR, who both started coaching as managers:

Zlatica Stubbs

Director of Education of Coaching in the workplace course, senior coach, trainer and coaching supervisor.

Klára Giertlová


Coach, coaching manager, trainer of coaching, mentor and supervisor.

Location and timing

12th May – 13th May 2022

  9.00 – 12.00

13.00 – 16.00

Online / ZOOM


600 Eur – we are not VAT registered.


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