About me

Zlatica Maria Stubbs, PCC, MKcS

Internationally ICF certified coach, trainer, mentor, coaching supervisor, consultant, Director of education of the “Coaching in the workplace” training programme.

About me

Internationally certified coach, PCC, Erickson Professional coach and Ontological coaching practitioner, Mentor for beginner coaches, preparing for certification and Coaching supervisor for  coaches wishing to develop further and grow in their profession.

She underwent her University studies in the UK, initially focused on technological systems and management, later Coaching in the workplace as the topic of her Masters of Arts degree. Her  working experience spanned over 20 years in managerial functions in the UK. Since 2000, she has continued as a consultant, interim manager and project manager on international projects. The last 15 years, she has devoted her time to development of managers and entrepreneurs. As a coach, she cooperates with international coaching companies in Germany, England and Belgium. 

  • She was a founding member of SAKo (Slovak association of coaches), also a board chairman in 2009, and 
  • Slovak chapter of ICF (International Coaching Federation), also a President of the board in 2008.
  • Finalist in the “Coach of the year 2022 Award” in Slovakia.


  • Management in the international corporations in England, Hungary and Slovakia.
  • Consulting and Project management for companies investing in Central Europe.
  • Coaching, seminars and workshops for managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Director of education for manager-coaches and internal coaches.

Coaching focus

  • Individual and team coaching
    In the area of coaching she focuses on the external coaching of entrepreneurs, middle and top managers in England and in Slovakia.
  • Seminars, workshops and “Coaching in the workplace” training programme,
    mentoring and shadowing with the feedback, followed by mentoring and coaching.
    Focus on implementation of coaching culture into companies.






Launch of 90 hour course “Coaching in the workplace”, accredited by ICF

Widened training offer with nationwide scope, incorporating all recommendations of the above mentioned research, taking place in the beautiful environment of Chateau Gbeľany.

2017 - 2020

Master degree study at Chester University – “Coaching in the workplace”

Linked to the research focused on the challenges faced by course participants on return from the course to their workplaces and what I, as the trainer, can do to prepare them to deal with those challenges.


Launch of 78 hour course “Coaching in the workplace”, accredited by SAKo

Progressing from workshops to the complete course of coaching for managers and internal coaches for region of Žilina, but open to the whole of Slovakia, taking place in the ideal environment of the Chateau Gbeľany near Žilina.


Mentoring and Coaching supervision

After 10 years of professional coaching, studied Coaching Supervision in the UK and apart from being a formal ICF mentor, became also the Coaching supervisor.


Founding ZAKO – Zilina coaches, 1st Fellowship of coaches

Fellowship of coaches in order to enlighten the local region of Zilina about coaching, with the offer of individual and team coaching, workshops and coach training courses.


Training of coaching skills for managers

Following my own experience as manager-coach, I decided to share these great skills, verified by practice in the form of workshops “Coaching skills for managers”.

2006 - 2007

Founding member of Slovak association of coaches SAKo and Slovak Chapter of the International Coaching federation – ICF SR

To enable the coaches in Slovakia to connect, support each other and to protect the professionalism of this already known profession.

2005 - 2022

Education and certification towards the Professional coach and Trainer of coaching

  • 2004 – Initial coach training in the UK,
  • 2008 – Art and Science of coaching, Erickson College Canada (125 hours),
  • 2014 –Postgraduate study Coaching supervision, Barefoot Coaching and the University of Chester,
  • 2017 – 2018 – ACTP Solution Focused (125 hours),
  • 2017 – “Train the Trainer of the coach”, Erickson College Canada,
  • 2017 – 2020 – Master degree study “Coaching in the workplace”, Chester University,
  • 2022 – ACTP Ontological coaching and Leadership program (270 hours).

2005 - 2022

Consulting, Coaching and Training

Founding of ZMS Consulting & Coaching s.r.o. In Slovakia focusing on Interim management, transferring manufacturing companies to Slovakia, coaching managers and entrepreneurs and training of coaching skills.

2000 - 2020

Transfer to the consulting

Founding of ZMS Management Consulting in the UK, offering Interim management and management of green field projects, transferring manufacturing companies from the UK, Netherlands, Germany to Slovakia and Czech Republic.

1980 – 2000

Activities as a manager

Project manager, Manufacturing manager and Plant director in international manufacturing companies in the UK and Hungary.