Day 1

Coaching skills for managers

Series of four 1-day workshops for managers
who want to communicate with their colleagues with a coaching mindset.


Intended participants

  • HR managers
  • All levels of 
    • management
    • company owners
    • internal coaches
  • and all who want to learn, how to communicate more successfully with their colleagues


New skills while working with people, which can help with:

  • more effective motivation of subordinates
  • building own and self confidence of others
  • discovering people’s hidden potential in their personal development
  • More calm and less stress as a result of the modern style of leadership
  • Better relationships at work
  • Speedier ways to solutions
  • Overcoming challenges and solving challenging situations


Workshop 1 – Basic skills

1 day

  • What is and is not coaching
  • Basic skills and the mindset in coaching
  • Coaching as a tool for a modern manager
  • Coaching skills such as – Active listening, powerful questions, feedback
  • Coaching process/ methodology – GROW, Solution focused coaching
  • Practical demos and interactive engagement.


Workshop 2 – Application of coaching in business

further development of Workshop 1

1 day

  • Live coaching demo
  • Development of coaching skills:
    • Coaching live, effective goals, powerful questions, scales and searching for resources
  • Application of coaching in business:
    • Choice of relevant processes with specific applications in practice, difficult conversations
    • Coaching with triads using their own authentic topics.


Workshop 3 – Team coaching

further development on workshops 1 and 2

1 day

  • Development of coaching skills in team situations
  • Applications of coaching skills in managing teams
  • Using different models
  • GROW model in working with teams
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Walt Disney model


Workshop 4 – Team coaching away from the company premises

1 day

  • Mastering powerful questions
  • Artistry of rapport
  • Working with the unwilling client
  • Coach position
  • Four step model of Appreciative Inquiry AI

The process

Each workshop lasts 1 day.

Following the workshop you have an opportunity to order individual or group support of certified coaches in a form of coaching or mentoring, such as:

  • 4 x 1 hour – online coaching in 2 weeks intervals
  • 4 x 2 hours – mentoring and peer coaching
  • 4 x 2 hours – coaching supervision or action learning

Lector / Coach

Zlatica Stubbs

Director of Education of the Coaching in the workplace programme, Professional coach, Trainer and Coaching supervisor.

Jarmila Záborská


Professional external senior coach, Trainer, HR senior consultant

Location and timing

Timing can be found in the Events calendar.


  • 200 € for each 1 day workshop
  • Workshop 4 as per individual agreement
  • 500 € for 3 workshops together (payment in advance)

    Price includes refreshments during the training. Pariticipants pay for their own lunches during the lunch break which takes place between 12:00 – 13:00.


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