Are you a leader, manager, salesman, partner,... working with people?

Learn about coaching approach at work

and move your organisation skills to a new level.

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If you are a business owner, company director, leader, manager, salesman, a person who works with people, employees and clients and wish to change demonstrably

you came to the right place

Coaching in the workplace

Training and education programme in the form of courses and workshops.

Individual and team coaching

for company directors, managers, entrepreneurs.

Development of coaches

Mentoring a Supervision - development of coaches with the support of the professional coach.

Longer term consulting activity

during implementation of coaching culture and coaching / mentoring programmes in companies.

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Professional approach in people leadership verified by years of experience and practice

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Practice in companies

International experience in management in companies in England, Hungary and Slovakia.

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International accreditation of the training programme offered

Coaching in the workplace course is accredited by ICF - International Coaching Federation.


International certification of the trainer

The trainer is an ICF PCC certified coach and SAKo (Slovak association of coaches) MKcS certified coach.


You will learn how to ask constructive questions and listen actively. You will discover hidden resources of your employees and will learn to develop them and their independence.


You will help people to grow and increase their performance. Your employees will take on responsibility for the performance of their work and results.


You will create environment of mutual trust and natural respect. You will build loyalty and a company which people enjoy working for.


You will create a space enabling people to grow. You will develop their potential, build inspiring environment and awaken the team engagement.

Time for strategy

You will free yourself of the daily routine and stress, creating space for strategy for your business. You will start enjoying your work.


You will become a leader of the 21st century. You will learn when to be a manager, when to be a leader and when to develop your people. You will create a culture of mutual respect, equality and company identity.

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