2 hours

Coaching supervision

Individual or group coaching supervision meeting with coaching supervisor, personally or online
for professionals, who wish to develop.


Intended participants

Professional coaches, who want to continue to develop and maintain the coaching standards:

  • graduates of our coaching courses
  • graduates of other coaching courses


Personal development under the guidance of certified coach and experienced coaching supervisor.


Together with the Coaching supervisor you are focusing and reflecting on coaching conversations with your clients.

The way it takes place is through personal reflection on parts or the whole of the coaching conversation, competences shown, building relationships with clients, ethical dilemmas and other areas as a coach.

In case of the group supervision, there are more participants involved in the process, by helping in the process of reflection using coaching questions, or sharing experiences in the topics discussed.

Both in the individual and group supervision, there are many models that can be used to help to reflect. One of them is Action learning – a structured form of reflection and sharing.


Individual or group – as per agreement.

Supervision is a form of reflection, where the coaching supervisor is helping clients to reflect their coaching practice, to build their confidence and their coaching competences from three points of view:

  1. Normative – confirmation of competences and ethics.
  2. Formative – development and growth in competences and practice.
  3. Restorative – supporting the coach in time of uncertainty.

Coaching supervisor

Zlatica Stubbs

Senior coach, Trainer and Coaching supervisor focusing on Coaching in the workplace.

Dates and locations

  • 16. 05. 2023, 18.00 – 20.00 (Zoom)
  •    7. 11. 2023, 18.00 – 20.00 (Zoom)

Price and Payment terms

  • Group coaching supervision online 2 hours: 50 € / 1 person
  • Package of 4 support activities in 2022: 160 € / 1 person
  • Individual supervision online 1 hour: individually agreed


  • Coaches of other courses 50 € / 1 person.
  • Graduates of our courses for a more advantageous price.
  • Participants of current courses Free of charge, as long as there are free places.
  • Maximum number of participants for group mentoring is 10.


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